¿Y después?

“…And then?” speaks about the nameless interstices between already established categories. In this danced conference conceived between different formats, styles and levels of speech, Belén Maya and Fernando López reflect on the violence implicit in all forms of identity, which affirms certain features and excludes others; which creates boundaries between those who are like me and those who are different; which transform the other into an enemy, every contact with her/him into a scratch, every form of coexistence into a conflict

The proposal does not seek so much to generate a discourse about tolerance and acceptance of the differences as to ruin the foundations of identity itself, deconstructing some of its fundamental features (who am I, what do I do and what community do I belong to) to provoke a small earthquake that frees the space: who are we and what do we do beyond our gender identity, our professional identity and our national identity? Are we something, beyond all those forms of identification? The artists seek to expand this "no man's land" to try to travel and experience it, to see to what extent our bodies are able to dance without labels, to live without names.