Beyond the aesthetics of aggressiveness

The objective of this workshop is to understand what we could call "aggressive art" from the point of view of Buddhism, and to what extent we can develop an aesthetic beyond that paradigm and embody a non-violent form of art.

To do this, we will carry out a work of collective reflection, somatic practices, improvisation and instantaneous composition: Feldenkrais, Movement Analysis and Moving Meditation will help to understand our questions from the body. Likewise, we will accompany our work with the reflections about artistic aggressiveness developed by Trungpa Rinpoche in "Dharma Art", and we will put it in dialogue with the famous "No Manifesto" (Yvonne Rainer, 1965 ). Likewise, we will analyze the defense of non-violence carried out by the philosopher Judith Butler and we will explore the political use of a body that occupies peacefully the public space in a political way.