Gender, sexuality and danced movement

In this workshop we propose, in a theoretical and practical way, a work on the fundamental questions of gender and sexuality related to the dance movement.

Initially, we will develop a proprioceptive work to bring out bodily habits in our "postural project" (what movement analyst Hubert Godard calls "pre-movement"), our expressive palette (the different qualities of our body language). ) and our relationship to others through various forms of contact.

In a second moment, we will go through the different strategies of "dissidence" in terms of gender and sexuality: cross-dressing, exuberance of clothing, use of "forbidden" areas of the body. , reduction of energy tone, nudity, etc.

Finally, we will work on the relation to the others from two points of view: the solo body and its relation to the spectator through the psychoanalytic notion of "scopic drive" (which implies a work on the own body as "erotic capital") and "passionate couple dances" and its relation to the spectator through the question of "voyeurism".